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Imagine a 35mm Single Lens Reflex film camera that can do the following:

1. Change lens mounts from M39 Praktica/Pentax to Nikon F to Canon FD and back when needed.

2. Allows you to change film in mid-roll via a modular film back

3. Is as basic as possible, for those wishing to graduate from "Smart Phone Photography."

It also claims to be the first updated/original camera design to appear in the past 25 years. It's enough to depress the Pentax K1000 used camera market all by itself. (Imagine that, a brand new film camera that isn't a does-it-work used camera!) So, are you itching to try Kodak's relaunched Ektachrome slide film line if/when it arrives next year? Are you looking for a camera that won't have it's sensor destroyed at LASER shows? Are you ready to step up from fuzzy/light-leak-prone LOMO "Hipster toys"? Check it out, "Decisive Moment" fans!

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  • Otokichi changed the title to Reflex 1 modular camera

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