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In My Room-The Beachboys

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My favorite Beach Boys song, or at least tied with my favorite Warmth of the Sun.


I've loved this song so very much since I first heard it, when feeling down, needing some song to sooth and succor this is it! 


In 1990, Brian wrote,

"I also enjoyed producing 'In My Room'. There is a story behind this song. When Dennis, Carl and I lived in Hawthorne as kids, we all slept in the same room. One night I sang the song 'Ivory Tower' to them and they liked it. Then a couple of weeks later, I proceeded to teach them both how to sing the harmony parts to it. It took them a little while, but they finally learned it. We then sang this song night after night. It brought peace to us. When we recorded 'In My Room', there was just Dennis, Carl and me on the first verse...and we sounded just like we did in our bedroom all those nights. This story has more meaning than ever since Dennis' death."

If you ever get a chance, you should watch The Beach Boys: An American Family

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