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Song name? Meet Old Love


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I have spent hours, hours and hours trying to find this song.  I would so appreciate it if anyone knows what this is.  Excuse the lack of information.  It is a great song, and I love it.  I've heard it on the radio several times in the past.

Words I can remember:

Good or nice to see you again.  Things didn't work out.  Too bad things didn't work out.   We went our separate ways.

This is a male vocalist with a nice, voice.  Song starts out very a good beat which is identifiable (in other words you know it is this song).  I remember hearing this song in the years 2000+, but it could have come from before no earlier than 1980 I guess.  It is not a dreary song, but sort of gentle rock.  This guy has a very nice voice.  From the song you can tell he's sad they aren't together and you get the impression that they just had to go their separate ways.  This was just a chance encounter when they see each other.  The song is like when he is talking to her.  Like, surprised to see you, .......... looks like you are doing good.  You don't get the idea that they hate each other, it was sort of a matter of timing and you don't think that they will get back together.

Anyway, any ideas out there.  Thanks for thinking about it.  I'm just hoping this will pop right into someone's mind.



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I GOT IT.  More time, but I am so, so happy.  It is:  38 Special, Second Chance.  Thanks again for your help.  You think I would have been able to remember Second Chance, but I really never heard the song more than twice.  Check it out, a cool song.


Again, thanks so much for trying to help.



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