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February is a ways off, but I recall my older sister getting teary when news of the plane crash that silenced three rockers came on the radio and newspaper. I couldn't quite understand what all the fuss was about. ("David Bowie"? Oh yeah, the big knife fella.) But I did grow up when doo wop was big, and music from those 45s did seep into my unconscious, to be released just before Folk and Jazz took over AM radio, for a time. ("FM radio"? I can remember when it arrived in the mid 1960's via KPOI FM 97.5Mhz.;) Looking back from the 21st century, I'd still like to load up Ye Olde Leica IIIC or Nikon S2 with Kodachrome 64 and visit old Aiea town when the sugar mill and sugar cane fields employed a lot of people. I mention this as the last Hawaii sugar growing company is about to become History on Maui. When the company burned sugar cane, we had to race to gather the clothes off the line lest they become covered with ash. Anybody know where I can buy a DeLorean with a functioning flux capacitor and some Plutonium?

For younger folk, here's "Weird Al on Tattoine"

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I like the original and "Weird Al's" version of "The Phantom Menace."
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