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Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Carly Simon


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?Joni Mitchell

Her influence on music is legendary!

A very nice link!

Both sides now/Big yellow taxi

?Carole King Tapestry was a triumph!

So far away/It's too late

?Carly Simon What can I say - WOW!

Nobody does it better/You're so vain

Talk about your power trio's! These three ladies have constibuted so much to the music world!!

Let's talk about them... shall we?

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Whao, Mike! Great thread!! I love all three of 'em.

The very first Joni Mitchell song I ever heard was Chelsea Morning and I fell in love with her voice and style immediately. And, Carole King's music goes back to before I ever even heard of her, as she was writing but not performing in the 50's-60's. I especially love her "Beautiful". And Carly Simon has become better and better as a writer AND as a singer over the years.

One thing these ladies all have in common is that they are accomplished poets. I know, I know...they call 'em "Singer/Songwriters" these days.

I could go on and on gushing and naming songs that I love. Instead I'll just thank you for starting the thread and sit back and enjoy the replies.

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What about Rickie Lee Jones? "Pirates" is one of the best albums I ever heard..."Living It Up" and "Traces Of The Western Slopes" are great songs. "Girl At Her Volcano" is very nice. Edie Brickell has been very inspired by RLJ, her whole first album is great, especially "Air Of December" and "I do".

I´m a very huge Carole King-fan. "Tapestry" is wonderful, but not the only one I like. It´s a fact that EVERY CK-fan likes this the most (it´s just a bunch of hits), but there are other great things. Her album with "The City", some kind of a JazzRock-recording from 1968 which includes "Snow Queen", one of her best songs ever. The the first solo effort ("Writer"), the 1971 live-record. Or the "Fantasy"-album. There are some really bad recordings, f.e. "Speeding Time" in 1983, but even after that, she made some good efforts. "City Streets" in 1989 etc.

I´ve got a compilation with all of her singles from 1960-1966 (the things that she wrote AND sang then) which is very, very nice. It´s called "Hits & Rarities from the 60s".

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