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Musical Questions


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My friends and I pick themes every month or so and make each other mix CDs. A previous topic was Jeopardy. (all songs must be in the form of a question) A lot of them have already been posted but here are some others I remember.

Do You Realize? Flaming Lips

What?s the Frequency, Kenneth REM

What?s Going On? Marvin Gaye

Which Side Are You On? Billy Bragg

Where Did I Go Wrong With You? Martin Sexton

Have I Told You Lately? ? Van Morrison

What?s So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding Elvis Costello or Nick Lowe

Honey Are You Straight or Are You Blind? Elvis Costello

Did She Jump or Was She Pushed? Richard & Linda Thompson

What?s He Building? Tom Waits

Am I Too Blue? Lucinda Williams

What Am I Living For? Taj Mahal

Can I Change My Mind? Poi Dog Pondering

Who Wants To Live Forever? Queen

Where?s Her Mind? Breaking Laces

Where Is My Mind? The Pixies

Can You See the Lights? Butterfly Boucher

Who?ll Stop the Rain? & Have You Ever Seen the Rain? CCR

Wouldn?t It Be Nice? Beach Boys

What Have I Done to Deserve This? Pet Shop Boys

Where Do You Go? No Mercy

Where Are My Panties? Outkast

Why Can?t I Be You? The Cure

Tainted Love w/ Where Did Our Love Go? Soft Cell

Am I the Only One? & Who Needs Sleep? & Have You Seen My Love? Barenaked Ladies

Would You? Touch and Go

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? Paula Cole

Who Needs Shelter? Jason Mraz

Where Are You Going? & What Would You Say? Dave Matthews Band

Who Am I? String Cheese Incident

Are You Gonna Be My Girl? Jet

Tainted Love w/ Where Did Our Love Go? Soft Cell


What?s New, Pussycat? Tom Jones

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Don't Ya Just Know It? by Huey "Piano" Smith


Ask Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, and The Doors, etc. etc.


I left out Pink Floyd. In an early interview (1970), Roger Waters says they started "as a completely blues and Bo Diddley-oriented rock 'n' roll band"

Syd Barrett was a fan of Bo Diddley and the song Double-O Bo was recorded on the band's first demo tape.

While recognizing the roots, Dave Gilmour said that, at a certain point, it came to a choice of their new innovative style or "going back to Bo Diddley covers".

Speaking of covers, there is a rare mp3 of Roger Waters performing Bo Diddley's I Can Tell on his Radio KAOS Tour in 1987.

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