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Not Alone In The Dark (an oldie, but a goodie) ;)


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I cross the room to my small bed
With the sun nearly gone
Laying down with a heart filled with dread

Darkness creeps along the floor
Wrapping myself in my blanket
Afraid of what may lie beyond the door

The last of daylight soon disappears
I hate knowing the sun is gone
Night only seems to validate my fears

Why am I forever trapped in here?
Doesn't anyone care about me?
Doesn't anyone understand my fear?

Soon I'm surrounded by the night
There's no more light to see
Only darkness from left to right

So frightened I could just cry
Yet I dare not make a sound
Alone and afraid, silently I lie

Then there's a noise across the hall
Screaming, trying to run away
Tangled in the covers, I fall

With a sudden burst there is light
As mother comes to tuck me in
With a soft kiss, wishing me goodnight

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