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The sky is only red; meteors fall like dripping blood

Black clouds explode from the horizon, is this the end?

Lightning strikes with every breath as I stand in the flood

Death is above, same as below, I stand on a grave, which is my own

My palms decay with each beat of my heart, is this the end?



This is only my head, imagination worse than Revelations

I am haunted, become demented, the thoughts which roam are sickening

I am blinded, deceived by the damned, reason to believe that I've lost sanity

If there's one thing I know is that I'm not heartless



Well, I don't know where I'm at; in my head, I feel dead

Maybe it's just that because of all this, I'm afraid, I cannot stay

Dreams and nightmares, they seem the same, am I sane?

The truth is that I care too much about the past, I am glass

Transparent through everything spoken, my mind has not yet awoken



I think about you all the time, one feint motion

Is this love or am I losing it again? Albatross of circulation

Thoughts corroded through formaldehyde

My mind is black, bound by the past, I can't move forward

I am frozen, eyes open wide



We made love, it felt so right, now I've concluded drug inducement was all it took

Hate to know that you're the temptress, false illusion; heart intruded

Complicated, confused by lust. We were young, but I'm not stupid

You just faked it, now you mock me, stole my name

Who the ******* is he, just a Rogue!



I sailed the world alone, as a Pioneer; a Renegade

My thoughts were clouded, fog surrounding, a drunken haze

I became narcissistic, jealous of all I never had

Where's my head, drowning in the water, lost in the wreckage of those before me

Haunted by ghosts who scream in the night, thirsty for blood, begging for mercy

A voyager lost who sailed for a dream that was only a nightmare



"Change" is just a word that barely scrapes the surface

To tell you how I'm feeling only makes me nervous

You wanna hear how I question everything I say or do

Maybe how my future seems plotted without a single clue

You never asked how I even feel, I've got to know. Do I deserve this?



Is this even real?



Copr. Mason DuPont

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