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  1. She stands in the mirrorThinkin' bout everything that's happened these past yearsThen starts the flow of tearsOn such a pretty little face they will shimmer She flashes back to the days Where the cold of the snow was only felt through in wavesA prick that brought sensationsColloquial sedation brought exhilaration Wishful thinking, numbing poisonWebs from spiders cover her eyesEradication of this diseaseSeems a task for HerculesShards of glass stained with blood lie on the floor And so she screamed, "I will not die aloneI'm tired of pushing them away!I'll forget all I know,Just to change who
  2. Take me to the hills where I can be away from thisBullshit excuse of a worldLet me outta this godawful situationI am done with thisI've been sadly mistaken for someone who I'm notPlease come save meCan you see these tears for all the love I've lost?Hope has turned into despair All I hear are stories of my pastOnes that claim I never had a care in the worldI can only blame the ImpostorsPossessed by my demons, induced by my enemy These Impostors are acting like I hate the ones I love Always seeking destruction of their hearts So please don't believe what these monsters have said and done Becaus
  3. Sweating in panic, running blind in the night Is it behind me? Adrenaline born of fright The cadaverous essence ridden with blight Sickening pictures run rampant all through my mind I cannot imagine putting up a fight Hold my breath, awkward silence, Heart is deafening, the drum of war Should never have played wicked games with this whore Oh, Miss Ravenous , so cadaverous I never wanted all of this violence Spiders play their symphony of silken strings While you feast upon the soul of living human beings Flies swarm around the bodies you have devoured Maggots born of blood, love betrot
  4. The sky is only red; meteors fall like dripping blood Black clouds explode from the horizon, is this the end? Lightning strikes with every breath as I stand in the flood Death is above, same as below, I stand on a grave, which is my own My palms decay with each beat of my heart, is this the end? This is only my head, imagination worse than Revelations I am haunted, become demented, the thoughts which roam are sickening I am blinded, deceived by the damned, reason to believe that I've lost sanity If there's one thing I know is that I'm not heartless Well, I don't know where I'm at; in m
  5. Put a sliver of my soul into this very paper Write you letters, quill dipped in blood Think of what I'll say to her Will things ever be the same now that I've brought the flood? Heavy lies the crown when all you've claimed was to be sane Have we passed the best of us since I've been named Lazarus? I'm sorry, baby, I've gone away to safety Left you out on the streets, memories burst into flames Every time I think of you a shiver goes down my spine Chilling bone, tearing eyes, I cannot face all my lies The urge to kill; the wish to die; things I knew all too well Adrenaline mixed with he
  6. Sky high, balcony, sun in my eyes, the phone, it rings Dare I answer, I know who sings "Please come hold me" I just want to be free The look in your eyes, sickening; deafening Have I gone wrong to trust this person Heart in her hands, barely beating Back and forth, I am pacing Can you tell me, have I gone crazy? Cross the boundary, borderline mockery There is no business for this thinking Must she know? Keep it a secret I'm thinking of you, its the season Something inside of my head I think of leaving but hold you instead Only choking, barely breathing Can you tell me, what is wron
  7. To whom it may concern, Won't you forgive for all I've done I ran away cuz I was scared, Just a child succumbed by fear For everything I have done Won't you forgive me? I know its been so long, since I've called or thought to write Well I was working on things, so I could make it right Even my darkest days, thoughts painted black by smoke I thought to call yet I'd choke Only cuz of one thing, and one thing only I was left there wonderin' What'll they think of me? When they know that I am high What'll they think when I'm pushed upon the roadside Abandoned, kicking stones; I do not want
  8. Thank you, and yea, I'm into heavy stuff, but this is mainly the only song that I write that would have to be a heavy song.
  9. Friend, reach out for my hand I have been there, Hell-Fire beneath me, the wrong side of Heaven Reach out for my hand See my scars and stay away from the man in the mirror Don't you remember where I have been? Close to death, blinding darkness, Life succumbed to suicide I've walked alone in a desolate wasteland I've watched Angels fall, held there arms, put up my walls A fortress made from a false reality I was alone; dying alone I was lost, made my life a living hell Inebriated, reciprocated, full of sorrow; couldn't you tell? But now you've strayed away just like me Helplessly ignora
  10. Tears they come and go As memories flash by like storm I was too busy for love Forgive me, for I was wrong Back when we were young There were never seasons of sorrow But now that we’ve grown These tears seem forever eternal I look outside There’s pouring rain I know you’re scared But things will be okay I’m so sorry That I left you behind I feel so guilty Still you’re right by my side So here we stand Miles and miles away Yet we stay strong It feels were closer than ever We can’t stop now Remember how I held you Always right by my side Now I sit here alone Flowers have withered
  11. Boarded up in room, locked inside of my mind Can't you see that it gets harder every time to keep you away from me, I've been up for too damn long, what is a dream? You're not mine anymore Trapped by these walls, they are talking Through the shades, I am peaking Look above, to the ceiling, She is there! She is there! Close my eyes, say my prayer Hear her footsteps drawing near Open my eyes, to the mirror She is here! She is here! Legs are shaking, heart is racing Hear her whisper, "Never will I disappear" Head is spinning, eyes are pouring These are tears, do I miss her? No! Can yo
  12. Yeah I write song lyrics only, I play guitar and hope when things come together for me to either get a band started and use them myself, or become a lyricist, or a songwriter if I can learn to actually write music instead of just playing it, only 21 so I got some college to do
  13. I am my own, friends six feet below No longer a hero, stuck in oblivion Heart bled dry, dark as obsidian My mind is blind, sanity lost They once were before me, my family Now only seem an albatross I'm tired of the roaming, tired of the bleeding Now I seek a new dimension, one with diamonds in my possession Yes I fell off, I did my time Got caught up in the hustle and grind Lost it all, but here I am I bid farewell, I'm moving on I reach to the sky, my heart on my sleeve The Sun in my eyes, head soaked with blood Tears pour down for what lies beneath I've been withered; I've been torn
  14. Thank you man! Really trying to figure out what to do with all these songs/poems i write... Totally clueless
  15. There she stands alone in the mirror Wondering where I am, waiting for my call A pen in hand, she writing me again I couldn't ask for someone more incredible This love of ours is like a new dimension And when stars collide I can see it in your eyes I kiss your lips and feel your breath down my neck Baby I could die, you taste just like Heaven We lay beneath the moon lit sky Your hand wrapped in mine, baby this feels so right But then there's nights when your not by my side That's when I begin to write, Some come out a sickening blight Others the sweetest sight I owe this talent to you
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