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The Hunt (part 2)

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"Ok. Are you expecting anyone soon?"

Another slow shake of the head.

"How about nosy neighbors? Do they pop-in unexpectedly?"

She turns her head right to left, still afraid of the presence of the knife, despite no longer feeling it.

"That's good. I saw your ring. Is your husband going to be home soon?"

Yet another slow shake of the head. Her straight dark hair barely moved along her back with the short, slow movement.

"You're really amazing, you know that?"

She was terrified of his voice now. It had an awkward happiness to it. She could almost feel him smiling behind her. Unsure if his last words were an actual question or a simple statement, so she held still.

"Anyone else would have screamed and tried to fight despite the threat of a knife. You have nerves of steel. And brains as well."

The happiness had faded from his voice and was replaced with the tone of respect. She preferred this new tone. The joyful voice made her uneasy.

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