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A Winter Walk


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Walking through the winter forest

Deep snow crackles under my feet

I've been walking for days

Trying to find someone to meet

Black trees with their brittle branches

Loom overhead surrounding me

Heavy sky overcast, deep gray

No sound comes from the wooded deep

Alone in my mind, marching on

Not stopping to rest or sleep

Continuing a mighty quest

This heroic pace I must keep

Winding through snow-filled forests

Feeling a change in cooling air

Looking around, trying to see

Biting wind slips through untamed hair

There's a noise off in the distance

Cannot make out what it may be

Perhaps there is someone else here

Or my ears simply fooling me

Setting off at a faster pace

Desperate to find another

Nearly running through thick snow now

Footprints under that tree cover!

Following fresh tracks with great hope

New-found hope, warmth around this tree

Finding those thinly-covered prints

Swiftly followed, belong to me

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Thanks Ron :grin:

I had this on FB (I think) but it's been "modified" to get rid of repeated words (me, my, I, and, the, etc) so I could make room for adjectives. See how I learn so quickly from your initial input, oh grand-master?

:bow: "We're not worthy!!" :bow:

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