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80's Band Stump


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This band never enjoyed the same chart-topping success as their fellow Irishmen U2, Nolan Sisters, Thin Lizzy, B*Witched, Boyzone or Boomtown Rats. The furthest they ever managed to get was number 72 in the singles chart with a comedic little ditty called 'Charlton Heston'. This is a song called 'The Rats'.

https:// Stump-The Rats

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I love Stump, and have quite a few of their records. I've posted Stump tracks a few times on SongFacts in the past, when i used to be a much more regular contributor here.

My favourite Stump tracks are (in no particular order): "Down On The Kitchen Table", "Tupperware Stripper"and "Buffalo".

I saw Stump at Leeds Warehouse in 1987. or was it 86, even ? (supported by The Close Lobsters, as I recall)

I have had a similar hairstyle to Mick Lynch on and off for the last 27 years, but whether this is coincidence or not,I wouldnt like to say.

All this being said, I think the "Get The Word Out" forum is ostensibly for drawing attention to upcoming (i.e. current / recent bands) we feel worthy of a wider audience, rather than relatively obscure bands from 30 years ago. :-)

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