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Andy Gerold - Rock of Ages


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Andy Gerold is an insanely talented musician. Since the age of about oh, nothing, he's had a guitar or a bass in his hand. He's played in, and in some cases helped form, bands Ashes Divide, Daughters of Mara, Opiate for the Masses, and been on tour with Marilyn Manson (in 2009).

His most recent accomplishment is a full album release with his My Darling Murder bandmate and vocalist Jared Woosley. And he's currently playing on stage in "the band" with the touring production of Rock of Ages. (He's the guy with the bass in his hand.)

Andy took time to tell me some great insights about being with the Rock of Ages, stuff that the general public never even thinks about, stuff that if no one paid any attention to it, the show would literally come to a standstill. And actually has in the past.

Plus, for revery song on the new album release ("Picking Up the Pieces"), there is a sensational - and mostly real-life - historical story that lays behind it. Fascinating, if very dark, stuff.

So get to know Andy and Rock of Ages, and while you're at it, get to know his personal music... which is a great discovery in and of itself.

Andy Gerold Interview

(And if that isn't enough, here's a little personal info: Andy's new wife is a good friend of mine... it was the day after we attended their wedding that I got engaged...) :)

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I like that part where Andy talks about how in a way, he likes it when things go wrong during the Rock of Ages stage show, since it makes for some memorable moments. The lifestyle turns into a routine quickly - must feel like Groundhog Day.

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