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Four Seasons Songwriter Denny Randell


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Along with Sandy Linzer, Denny Randell wrote some very memorable hits: "Working My Way Back to You," "A Lover's Concerto," "Can't Get Enough of You Baby."

He helped the Four Seasons keep their momentum in the mid-'60s when they badly needed it to battle The Beatles. Later on, he had forays into Disco with Disco Tex and the Sex-O-lettes, and he did some work with Frank Zappa. Kind of amazing that he can remember anything.

Denny is one of these guys who still talks like he's on a New York street corner in the '60s - genres of music are called "bags," as in "Smash Mouth did my song in a rock bag." He gives quite an elegant defense of Disco music, and talks about his latest do-gooding: The GI Jams project. This is an effort to get American soldiers - past and present - record deals. As an industry veteran, Denny helps navigate these streams.

Interview with Denny Randell

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