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Songfacts 2012 Oscar Pool

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This might be a turning point in Oscar voting. This movie is so incredibly lame and unappealing to anyone without an AARP membership, that the academy might start voting for movies people actually want to see, which is what they used to do.

I get how The Artist had to tell a story with lots of restrictions, but the gimmick quickly wore off for me, and it was obvious that this was a nostalgia piece for people who actually remember silent films. :P

To kill time in my brain during this movie, I thought about other films that dealt with the silent-to-talkie transition, and how much better they were: Singing In The Rain and Sunset Boulevard. If you ever get the urge to see The Artist, rent one of those instead.

As for the Oscar telecast, it had some great moments. It sounded like they finally fired Bruce Villanch and wrote some material for the presenters that allowed them to do what they do best: act. The Emma Stone/Ben Stiller and Gwen Paltrow/Robert Downey Jr. bits were really funny, and it's because they got to stay in character the whole time. And Cirque should come back every year.

Congrats Mike, looks like you got it.

The Oscars has become soooooo predictable (IMHO).

Discussing with my son why films of such MASSIVE POPULARITY have failed to garner an award over the last 40 years (or so) e.g. Star Wars, Jaws, E.T. Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, etc.

I said what makes these films so POPULAR is their ability to involve character actors who are believable, and easy for the audience to "associate" with them, cheer for them, feel for them, worry for them. Etc.

But no one wins an oscar for that, au contraire, Oscars are now won for the (as i like to put it) Artsy-fartsy aspect.

Now I'm not dissing the films that win, not at all.

But here is an example, watch the film "The Tree of Life". It was nominated for best picture. It's certainly is a visually artistic film, but about as gripping and entertaining as watching paint dry.

The oscar is what it is.

btw, this is the funniest part of the whole show....

Listen carefully to Cameron... then look at J Lo's dress.... Irony!?

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