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Another Fogelberg tune?

Chris Akanora

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Earlier, I asked about a recording of a Fogelberg song and you guys were most helpful, especially Phil. 'Anyway I Love You/Let Me Go'

There is another song I need help identifying from the same time period. I'm sure this was Fogelberg with the same woman as in the above example. The song title was "Fragile". All I remember is the words "Fragile, 'til it dies" and "So fragile it could die." And it had some really beautiful guitar work.

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Eleven years later, "Fragile" is found. It isn't Fogelberg after all; it's Barow Davidian, and the song is called "So Fragile". The guitar work is as described. Like the Fogelberg piece, it was recorded at the Red Herring in Urbana, Illinois. 


Another memory solved, beautifully. Thank you to my colleague Bluejay Young, and Hans-Klopek of Reddit's Name That Song.


Barow Davidian - Folk & Music from the Red Herring, 1971, vol. 2 - So Fragile

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