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TV's New Season

Uncle Joe

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  • 3 years later...

Something Old:  "Bones" (Seeley's dead!?) "Castle" (Captain Beckett on the run!?)

Something New: "Limitless" (So you CAN take lots of NZT and still live?) "The Player" (Crime is a betting game!?) "Blindspot" (Lady. are you a SEAL?)

Something Returning: "Gotham" (Is that The Joker?) "Sleepy Hollow" (Pandora's scaring up bad fertilizer?) "The Mysteries of Laura" (Captain P.C. is cramping their style!)

What's going on?: "Minority Report" (Back to the Future Crime?) "Scorpion" (Where have all the writers gone?)

I got Basic Cable: "The Bastard Executioner" (Everybody's channeling "Lady Macbeth"?) "Someone's Gotta Do It" (Mike Rowe is back!)

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AZT, NZT, same smell?
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