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Quiz Ending July 2011

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Brian from Suffolk, VA is this month's quiz winner and will receive a cool and comfortable SongFacts t-shirt. :cool:

Here are the answers to the quiz:

1. Who was the first teenager in the '80s to have a #1 solo album in the U.S.?

Tiffany - Her self-titled debut album reached #1 in Jan. 1988. She was 16 years old when the album peaked.

2. What famous singer was once the opening act for another band, but not as a singer - as a mime?

David Bowie - He mimed for T. Rex in 1969.

3. What famous singer has his nickname tattooed on his knuckles?

Ozzy Osbourne - His first name is John, Ozzy is his nickname.

4. What song was a Top-10 U.S. Hot 100 hit for both James Taylor and Marvin Gaye?

"How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You" - Gaye took the song to #6 in 1965 and Taylor took it to #5 in 1975.

5. What hit from the '70s won a Grammy with an acoustic version released in the '90s?


The reissue of the single in 1972 reached #10 on the Pop Chart for Derek And The Dominos (originally charted at #51 in 1971).

Eric Clapton's live acoustic version from his 1992 album, Unplugged, won a Grammy award for Rock Song.

6. In the '80s, what British band had three U.S. Top-10 hits on the Hot 100 chart from their debut album?

Culture Club

Their 1982 debut album, Kissing To Be Clever, produced the following Hot 100 pop hits:

"Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" (#2)

"Time (Clock Of The Heart)" (#2)

"I'll Tumble 4 Ya" (#9)


Their 1988 debut album, All That Jazz, produced the following Hot 100 pop hits:

"Hands To Heaven" (#2)

"How Can I Fall?" (#3)

"Don't Tell Me Lies" (#10)

7. Name the last singer or group from England to sell a million albums in both the UK and the U.S.?

Adele, with her album, 21.

8. What rock star played the love interest of the main character on the final season of a popular TV show that started in the '90s?

Jon Bon Jovi - He played Ally McBeal's love interest, Victor Morrison in 2002. The show started in 1997.

9. What popular, still-active band is named after a style of architecture?

Lady Antebellum - The name Antebellum comes from when the group were photographing "antebellum" homes.

10. What song became a U.S. Top-20 Hot 100 hit for a female singer in 1983 and then for a male singer in 1989?

"How Am I Supposed to Live Without You"

Laura Branigan took the song to #12 in 1983, then Michael Bolton hit the Top-20 with it in 1989, eventually peaking at #1 in 1990.

Congratulations to our winner, Brian, and thanks to all who entered the quiz this month.

Check out SongFacts main page and click on the quiz link to take the newest Mighty SongFacts Trivia Quiz. :thumbsup:

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