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Can't find the "Add Songfacts" button

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I have looked all over this site and cannot find anything that allows me to add a song fact.

The FAQ page states:

How can I contribute to Songfacts?

You can contribute to Songfacts by clicking "Add Songfacts," and entering anything you know about a song into the form and where you found the information. We will review your entries and enter them into the database if wee deem them appropriate. You need to register to add Songfacts so we can give you proper credit. Any we use will be attributed to you.

While there is a link at the bottom of some pages entitled "Add a Songfact" it merely returns a 404 page which says "That page never existed, swam away, or is somehow otherwise occupied in a 404 kind of way."

I have cookies enabled and everything else seems to be in working order.

Any help?



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you are absolutely correct... it appears that the "add a songfact" link is not working. I'll make sure the Powers that Be are notified and get it fixed right away.

Keep trying!! And thanks so much for joining us and for your enthusiasm to contribute. :)

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Carl is really great with the upkeep of the site so please don't give up. Sometimes there's a bug that has to be worked out or some other kind of issue.

And, welcome to the site Jim hope your enjoying it. I'm sure Carl will have the add option fixed soon :D

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Please send that to the feedback@songfacts.com email, and we'll have a look.

Sorry about the delay on this - that project is on deck. We had to take it down to rebuild it, and then got hit with some unanticipated coding needs.

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