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Mutant Dogs From Hell

Tony Baloni

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Mutant Dogs From Hell recording

It’s a beautiful morning

but I can’t help like feeling that

all of me isn’t here to enjoy it

smoking a chlorine soaked cigarette

speeding up the rate at which i’m

burnin to death

Why do we torture our minds?

Why do we leave everything we love behind?

It’s a beautiful day

Everyone’s got important places they

wanna go, and they’re all on their way

The Sun is up in the sky

Burnin so bright that hurts, yet

part of me wishes I was that high

Why do we torture our minds?

Why do we leave everything we learn behind?

It’s a beautiful midnight

The club is alive with the rush of endorphins

gushing through every synapse but mine

And the girls are sirens

Working the curves like a surrealization of all of your most

fervent Desires

I think back to the evening, when I was

Anticipating, now sitting and waiting for

someone to come, stop me from leaving

the comfort of unexplained bliss,

to the throes where the mildew grows on the

frozen pipes that rattle and twist

We are the Mutant Dogs from Hell

Barkin at those who we think have the power to

release us into the magic spell

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