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Charlotte Caffey of The Go-Go's


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Not every Go-Go is loud and outrageous and willing to do The Howard Stern Show or The Surreal Life. Charlotte is much more introverted, and we were very fortunate to get her to agree to an interview, since it's not her thing.

So why did we want this particular Go-Go? Because she's the musical genius of the bunch and one of their top songwriters. Without Charlotte, they don't got the beat. She's also a huge part of Belinda Carlisle's solo success, writing and performing on many of her songs.

How can someone who generally keeps to herself absolutely love being on stage, even if it's one of the many gnarly punk clubs where the Go-Go's started? And what did the fame do to her?

Charlotte was very generous in answering these questions and giving us a look into the world of the quiet Go-Go.

Interview with Charlotte Caffey of The Go-Go's

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