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The Empaths

J Hill

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The Empaths are always on-line. They take what you’re feeling and relax your mind. You’re due an exciting free time. What’s spending a few twin-dimes, a couple of times, to harbor among the empaths?

We. And, that’s to say, others and me. Do for a fee, set feelings virtually free. We. We can’t help but see. But don’t ever say I ever said that. I even tried one time to flee. Like without you, I could ever track me. It is your blessing and, who cares, my curse. Are you that one who knows better from whose worse? I crave every connection, you're looking just for reflection. While I’m doomed to have none of my own. Oh well, it’s time for the few to hit the dome. Clouds will cover more than one sun. And nobody knows like an empath.

@2010 radiowrite

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I typically really enjoy your writing, but this one confuses me... you're talking about an empath, but the words suggest a for-profit psychic...? I am very empathic... are you saying I could make money with this curse? I'm just a little befuddled with this piece... sorry...

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I took it completely differently. When you used the word empath I defined it as this:

An Empath is a person who can psychically tune in to the emotional experience of a person, place or animal.

and in more of a psychic/telepathic , sense.

But then I light candles and hold different beliefs then most other people.

I took it as you referring to internet addiction, people who spend most of their time online and feel mentally connected some people.

I know, I'm weird :goof:

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:P Thanks for the notes. This is one of the good/bad points about the web. I get an idea and in my initial rush of excitement, present a somewhat confusing fragment in hopes of a little instant feedback. This is such a case.

I have been doing some reading recently on Williams Syndrome, a curious and rare genetic mutation. Those with the syndrome share common physical traits such as an 'Elfin' facial structure. They are outgoing, verbal and social to the point of lacking all fear of strangers. They are highly attuned to visual and auditory stimuli often to the degree of becoming overwhelmed. They have practically no attention span and are said to be among the most empathetic people on earth.

This reading triggered my idea for a science fiction storyline set in a future post human cloning society, where most people have lost the ability for empathy altogether. The powerful members of this society have their own personal empaths, while the more common members pay for the empathy they lack/crave over the net-work.

Again, this is still really in the 'idea's idea' stage. And as such, probably better kept to myself :blush: All that exists for now is just a sketchy story outline and this fragment I present.

The first part is a sort of 'net-work solicitation/commercial'. And the 2nd, the words/thoughts of the first main character.

It's true, ideas are usually better developed fully before presentation. The web's scale and ease tempt me strongly to share to quickly sometimes. I apologize for any confusion.

J Hill

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You may be weird (so what's so great about 'normal'?), but you seem pretty lovable 2me! I’m a litttle weird too, let the world know it now!

I like the way you took it. And it is, just as you describe, as isn’t almost everything? More or less, telepathic. Because, true empathy maybe only occurs in a very psychic sense.

And today’s web-driven/given to narcissistic urge culture, does hold parallels.

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