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Jack Blades - Night Ranger & Damn Yankees


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Jack is a plethora of minutiae, and a riot of wider-spectrum stories about his time forming - and following to insane fruition - both Night Ranger and the Damn Yankees. With this interview he gives a feel for what it's like to be a working stiff on a rollercoaster of success... proving that it doesn't matter who you are, you've still gotta take out the trash on Wednesday.

He ended our early morning conversation by asking me to call him back so he could do the interview again when he could speak more coherently - after his first cup of coffee.

Have some Jack - on us.

Edit: yes, I swallowed a dictionary for breakfast. So?

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explaining my totally awesome use of words that get little awesome use.
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Yep, we all have to take out the trash.

I'm glad he talked about the lyric "Can you fly me over yesterday" from "High Enough." I always thought that was profound stuff, and it's good to learn it wasn't just a throwaway line.

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