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Favorite Spector production

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Being not very impressed with Phil Spector?s additions to Let it Be (1970) (though it being the Beatles and terrific songs at that I could not say I dislike it), I would have to say one of Lennon?s or Harrison?s solo albums would be a favorite.

(Let It Be?Naked, I hear, is superior musically to the original: ?Don?t Let Me Down? is included in place of ?Maggie Mae? and ?Dig It?, the melodramatic strings and choir is taken off ?Long and Winding Road?, thankfully, and ?Across The Universe? and ?I Me Mine? are also different. The song order is different and I think the dialogue is taken out. Friends of mine have heard it and think that even though it is more polished it doesn?t capture the true spirit behind the sessions thus is not really what was 'originally' intended but still excellent.)

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I like Let It Be.

I have not yet heard Let It Be naked...

Any thoughts on that cd.

I am a huge Beatles' fan, and I think "Let It Be ...Naked" is the biggest disappointment I have ever experienced in 40 years of buying Beatles' records. The fact that it is a CD gave those responsible the opportunity to put more onto it, or take the project to a completely different level. Great that "Don't Let Me Down" is included but, last year, I downloaded 48 tracks from the internet from a bootleg called "The Black Album". This, amongst many other gems, includes the excellent "Suzy Parker" (or "Suzy's Parlour" as it also referred to) which, alone, would have made "Let It Be...Naked" a worthwhile purchase. But there are loads of other interesting tracks (e.g. "Rainy Day Women", "Child Of Nature", "Hare Krishna", "Early In The Morning"/"Hi Ho Silver"....etc...etc...as well as alternate versions of songs from "Let It Be" some of which (in finished versions) ended up on "Abbey Road". This, for me, would have been a much more worthwhile/interesting project than 'taking the strings off' "The Long And Winding Road" (which we already had on "Antholgy 3") and sticking "Don't Let Me Down" on.

There is an accompanying CD with "Let It Be...Naked" which starts to explore what the project might have been, but it is a meagre 21 minutes long and contains more chat than music. [but the chat is an interesting insight to what the Beatles were trying to do with what became "Let It Be".]

In answer to the original post: "River Deep Mountain High" and "Be My Baby" were pure classic Spector. "Let It Be" wasn't. Ever.

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