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fun.-Aim And Ignite


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Track listing

"Be Calm" - 4:10

"Benson Hedges" - 4:00

"All the Pretty Girls (On a Saturday Night)" - 3:23

"I Wanna Be the One (BaBaBa)" - 3:36

"At Least I'm Not as Sad (As I Used to Be)" - 4:07

"Light a Roman Candle with Me" - 3:05

"Walking the Dog" - 3:40

"Barlights" - 4:17

"The Gambler" - 4:11

"Take Your Time (Coming Home)" - 7:51

fun. is Jack Antonoff, Andrew Dost, and Nate Ruess. Nate gained fame as the lead singer of the Format, who went on hiatus in 2008. Nate formed fun., who started work on their first album, which was released on 8/25/09. Does it follow to to the amazing Format albums? Let's find out!

The album starts of with "Be Calm," which seems to me like it's from a musical. The percussion is amazing, and I really enjoy listening to it. "Benson Hedges" is a strange song, started gospel-y and turning alternative-ish, and going back to gospel-ish a few times. The backing lyrics are very nice. There's also a refernce to Bill O'Reilly in the lyrics to "Benson Hedges." The song that follows is "All The Pretty Girls," which is one of the best songs on the album. The chorus has some nice harmonies and the strings are performing well on this song. This seems that it might be a minor hit. "I Wanna Be The One" Follows. I really enjoy this song, but maybe it's because there's just a lot of trombone in this song. The lyrics are very hopeful and the chorus is very uplifting. It's a very good song. The following song, "At Least I'm Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)" was available as a free download if you joined fun.'s mailing list. This song in in a major key for the most of the time, but is very sad. The lyrics make that possible.It changes from a major-key 4/4 time fun-fest to a minor-key 3/4 time slow, sad waltz-type song. Nate Ruess seems to be very good at these types of songs. I like this song. Jeez, how many times am I gonna say that? Let's just assume I like all the songs, unless I say so. "Light A Roman Candle With Me" contains the lyric that contributes the album title. This song is jazzy, and the opening reminds me of "98.6" by Keith, with the trombone in the high register playing a cool, jazzy lick. "Walking The Dog" reminds me of something the Talking Heads would do. It's very dance-able with a very 1980's guitar riff and 1980's lyrics and some synth bass lines. There's also some 1980's "singing rap" (that might not make sense to any one but me). Then it gets slow-ish in the bridge, a little jazzy, but then the chorus kicks back in for a few times before it fades out. For the final repetition, the verse overlays on top of the chorus. "Barlights" is a party-type song that is about getting drunk, I think. Ignoring that, it's a nice, jazzy song that has the possibility of being a minor hit. There's some snyth in here. The horns are very bold on this track, which I like. "The Gambler" is one of those sad, hopeful love songs that kind of confuses me. It's a story song, and here's the story. Two lovers decide to live until they decide their time comes, even if the sun stops shining, because they love each other so much. They talk about their kids for a little bit. And, the doctors try to tell him that she's going to die, from what I can gather, and that he'll never leave her side. Then, a normal life verse continues. It's kind of confusing, and what I told you might've been all wrong, but oh well. "Take Your Time (Coming Home)" is the closer, and a very good one. I'm not sure of it's subject, but it's very hopeful sounding song. I'm not sure of what else to say about this song. It's really good, but I don't know what to say about it. Oh, it's the most profane song on the album, with "f**k" be uttered once, when it slows down a bit.

All in all, I really like this Album. It isn't the Format, but It is close. I tried not comparing it to the Format at all when I listened to it, and it was very hard to do, seeing as how they're very similar. I love this album!


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