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My Little Lady"- The Tremeloes

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I posted a request for this tune :


It was like some months ago, it was a request inside a request topic, so I decided to make a separate request for this in-order others see it.

Thanks in advance cool friends,


P.S: I once said this tune has a touch of Beethoven but my Uncle Joe said " you gotta be kiddin' " but I still insist :P

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Go Edna!
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Viaene : nope I'm not the user, I tried to contact him since I speak some Arabic but he doesn't know either lol! and yes what Edna said, it's Arabic.

Thanks mucho for trying the Seeker, I appreciate it mate.

Love you Edna, thanks a lot for the help .. you rock :hippie: and yeah! this tune rock and so happy :rockon:

Cheers and I hope you all having an awesome weekend,


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