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Only Sixteen - Dr Hook (Extra info)


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Only Sixteen - Dr. Hook

Does anyone know what album this was off other then Greatest Hits and what year it was released? I've looked but I have to many other songs to catalog to spend any more time on it :(

and the orig. release date for Walk Right In from

Makin' Love & Music :crazy:

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It was released the same year that 'Doctor Hook and the Medicine Show" sold out, shaved the raggedy beards and put on polyester disco garb, and make more money with that pale song than any of their earlier freak flag music combined, with the exception of 'Cover of the Rolling Stone'...'Freaker's Ball' never really hit top 40.

That's cool, though

I'd like a nice nest egg like the one 'Only Sixteen' surely netted before I retire, too!

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I recommend the original Sam Cooke. I've never yet heard anyone cover a Sam Cooke song that comes within a mile of the original. Otis' version of "Shake" maybe comes the closest ;-)


I'm with you LeeBB! The original Sam Cooke version is uncomparable.

And I personally think that Otis' version of Shake is better, but that's possibly because anything that Otis touched is golden to me.

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