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  1. I'm with you LeeBB! The original Sam Cooke version is uncomparable. And I personally think that Otis' version of Shake is better, but that's possibly because anything that Otis touched is golden to me.
  2. and iiiiiiiii will always love yoooouuu lol what the world needs now is... love sweet love. and then a hero comes along, with the strength to carry on... i wanna hold your hand... little ditty, bout jack & diane..
  3. Like most people, I use music to cope with just about any situation -- I am looking for song suggestions -- looking for songs near to the topics of being in love with someone who is in love with someone else/being in love with a good friend/seeing someone you were desperately in love with that you haven't seen in a while. One good one I've found is Thinking Of You by Katy Perry (shockingly enough, its a pretty good song). I love just about any style of music, so bring on the suggestions Thanks all. --Jamy B
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