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Ben Romans / the Click Five


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I was so excited to talk to Ben Romans on Friday! I'd seen all his goofy videos on youtube, and his art-house rudimentary silly characters, and then I'd also seen the quite serious ones he's done with his bandmates when they're working on actual songs together. So he appeared to have enough sides to explore already.

But then I uncovered the unthinkable: the band had also filmed a straight-to-video movie that was billed as "High School Musical" on speed. The plot is two teenage girls kidnap the band (here they're known as 5 Leo Rise) and make them play at their high school so the other students will respect the girls for having gotten the band.

Silly, silly stuff... and I thought Ben was going to choke when I brought it up, but I couldn't NOT bring it up, it was just too good. So he told me story about that, and of course I went out that very night and rented the flick. It was entertaining... that's all I can say. :laughing:

Anyway, about our interview... I've got great stuff about their songs, and their next CD is due out within the next month or so at which point we will put the interview up and the Songfacts. It's all about the timing...

Fun interview... these guys are talented, and a bit scary at the same time. I would suggest you give them a listen on youtube. the best videos I've found are the ones in the Blue Room. Cool Stuff.

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I'm absolutely ecstatic to hear that! I adore Ben Romans and the click five and always felt they never gets the credit they deserve for their great songwriting skills. A while back, I suggested them on the "Up and coming indie bands for interview" page. I even saw them in concert once, at a mall before Kyle Patrick joined the group. They looked like they were having the time of their lives. I even made an unofficial fan website for them, but it needs updating.


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