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Is it just me or...

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Does this look familiar?

Differents between Songfacts Fish and Goldfish Cracker?

Songfacts fish - 0 calories per serving

Goldfish Crackers - 70 calories per serving

Songfacts fish - Never becomes soggy in liquids

Goldfish Crackers - eventually becomes soggy in liquids

Songfacts fish - Will not leave cheese powder in your hands

Goldfish Crackers - ...well you could wear gloves :shades:

Songfacts fish - Always has been Trans-fat free!

Goldfish Crackers - Making the change to be Trans-fat free.

Songfacts - Fetches song facts, lyrics and comments.

Goldfish Crackers - Just lies there with a stupid grin.

Songfacts fish - Can be highly addictive.

Goldfish Crackers - One generally gets tired of them after a box or two. ::


Songfacts fish - Always fresh - This fish rocks!! :thumbsup:

Goldfish Crackers - Gets stale and ...sorry can't compete. :(

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