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The Seven Laws Of Woo


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from last.fm:

Spring 2004. Somewhere on the crossroads between the cities of Mechelen (Belgium) and Leuven (Belgium), along the muddy banks of “De Dijleâ€, six gentlemen and a lady decide to join forces. They wanted to revive seventies funk, eighties kitsch and combine them with the grooves and guitars of the nineties.

They started making this red-hot-extremely danceable funkrock and somewhere along the way they picked up these strange other influences to combine with, going from balkansoul to film-noir-jazz. Doing so they created their own kind of crossover that is very recognizable. It has become their trademark to explore the funk domain as broad as possible.

Doing so you can tell they’re heavily influenced by bands as The Talking Heads and The B52’s

The Seven Laws of Woo's myspace

The Seven Laws of Woo on last.fm

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