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Quiz December 2003


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girlcharisse from Rock Steady, CA

John from Philadelphia, PA

Both win a clean and comfortable Songfacts T-shirt.

Here are the answers:

  • What band has a drummer who lost an arm in a car accident?
    - Def Leppard

  • What rock singer recently recorded an album of standards that sold over 4 million copies?
    - Rod Stewart
    The album is called It Had To Be You... The Great American Songbook.

  • What singer or band has the biggest-selling album in the history of Motown Records?
    - Lionel Richie - Can't Slow Down
    Common guesses were Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. I think a lot of people thought Thriller was a Motown album, but it wasn't.

  • Who was the first Irish-born artist inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame?
    - Van Morrison

  • What group was named after a sculpture in Seattle?
    - Soundgarden

  • What 2 famous musicians have the Detroit Tigers baseball logo tattooed on their forearm?
    - Kid Rock and Eminem

  • In what city did The Rolling Stones play to their biggest crowd?
    - Toronto
    500,000 fans were at a SARS benefit on July 30, 2003.

  • What hit by Styx contains some lyrics in Japanese?
    - "Mr. Roboto"

  • What band got their name from a phrase used on the TV show CHiPs?
    - Seven Mary Three

  • What band was named Best New Artist of 1978 by both Rolling Stone and Creem magazines?
    - The Cars

  • Tiebreaker: How many times has the Songfacts staff seen Finding Nemo?
    - 3

Thanks to everyone who took the quiz, and be sure to take the new one


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