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For John Mellencamp's "Lonely Ol' Night, I submitted the following:

The lyrics, "He's singing about standing in the shadows of love, I guess he feels awfully alone" refer to the song "Standing In The Shadows Of Love," which was a #6 hit for the Four Tops in 1967. "Lonely Ol' Night" reached the same plateau.
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I love this part -

I love songwriting I guess because I've always enjoyed puzzles, crosswords, anagrams and the like. It's different every time and I still couldn't tell you exactly where they come from. I think many of the great melodies are universal melodies that exist out in the cosmos somewhere and certain people have the knack of reaching out with their minds, hearts or spirits to bring them back to us."

I love coming up with phrases that just flow form a place no one has ever been, or could even go to, because it's just a place in your head. Lennon had a lot of these, 'course LSD played a minor roll? mickeysmiley.gif

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