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Hey this is an old thread, but I couldn't resist.

Have to agree that PF wasn't the most technical band, in terms of their musicianship, but of course that has only a little to do with their greatness. It's what they were trying to communicate and how they did it that makes them unique.

And they were fortunate that they emerged at a time when they were able to get their music recorded and into the market before the commercial recording industry squelched their creativity. That of course eventually happened in the mid-seventies, when we start to see the sun set on the innovators.

The core of their work began with Piper and extended throug DSOTM, in my opinion (which others have said too).

Albums like Atom Heartmother, UmmaGumma and Meddle are truly groundbreaking feats of communication that we are unlikely to see repeated in our lifetimes.

It's the spirit and soul of Pink Floyd that comes shining through those albums (in some weird and even frightening ways). Special people in a special place in a special time.

I saw them on April 23, 1972 in Cincinnati. Absolutely stunningly performance, far and away the most amazing musical (or other) performance I have ever seen. "Echoes" in Music Hall - amazing.

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