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Get Well Soon

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January's Album of the Month in not one, but two music magazines I read from time to time intrigued me a bit, because well... it's in two magazines, but they also sounded quite enthusiastic considering that it's a (almost) completely unknown artist: Get Well Soon

the band basically consists of Konstantin Gropper (vocals, multiple instruments) and a few (I read up to eight) session / live musicians

he/they do some kind of Indie Folk-Pop with electronic, classical and country influences

the magazines compared the music with the sad ballads of Leonard Cohen, the groaning of Tom Waits, the forcefulness of Nick Cave-ian hymns and the lamentation of Thom Yorke

and all around they/he seem to be the german equivalent of Conor Oberst (of the Bright Eyes)

listen to the album Rest Now, Weary Head! You Will Get Well Soon

youtube links:

If this Hat is missing I have gone hunting

Christmas in Adventure Parks

Tick! Tack! Goes my Automatic Heart

Get Well Soon on Myspace

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