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  1. I think its a bad poet working on rhyme scheme. Just kidding. I agree with Sarah its the paradoxial world of a teenager. to old for this and to young for that, caught in the middle, like a crab in a trap
  2. I would definetely get some styx and rush eventhough their music might have come out in the late 70s. Songs like renegade,come sail away, and tom sawyer are must haves if your looking for epic cockrock oh and journey's "separate ways" is unforgetable
  3. I like www.thetabworld.com or if your looking for an unpopular or hard to find song www.tabrobot.com
  4. The Friday Night Gigolos is a band from Hattiesburg,MS. They are like Dave Matthews. you can find their music at jaegermusic or go to their website www.fridaynightgigolos.com
  5. also the Beatles songwriting seemed more developed than the stones simply because the stones relied on songs about sex,drugs,rock & roll. No brainer. The Beatles
  6. Get real, Clerk was and will always be the best kevin smith movie. Jay and Silent Bob's best part had to be mark hamill as "cock knocker" when the movie pauses and says yes kids its mark hamill. Dont leave out Dogma it kicks ass too.
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