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  1. Cyberdemon26 About the only thing you can do is go to the clear channel website and do a radio station search, http://www.clearchannel.com/Radio/home.aspx (f***ing clear channel). And while you're there, check out "Know the Facts" sections. Very amusing. I took a liking to the second one. I sure as hell have never heard "The Last DJ" by Tom Petty on the classic rock station in Austin. And I listen to the radio all day at work (the cd players are broken). I guess I'll give clear channel the benefit of a doubt, that maybe the play the song once a month at three in the morning, so they ca
  2. I really wasn't trying to be polite. "Death to Clear Channel" just sticks in my mind because I have seen cars with bumber stickers with that same slogan. Haven't found one myself, though. Anyway...F*** Clear Channel
  3. Try living in Austin, where everything is owned by Clear Channel(their headquarters are in San Antonio). They own all but two of the radio stations and most of the music venues. Ticket prices to shows are expensive as hell and all I hear on the radio are commercials. They try to act like they care about music, but you can tell all they want is money. Money, which is used to buy up more independent radio stations (if there are any left). The two things that piss me off the most about clear channel is that most of their stations don't play music in the morning, they have NATIONAL talk s
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