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  1. so...if i take out the "hide away" then it will sound better...alright. thanks for all the advice!
  2. what if i take out the line...i'm losing patience with myself....if i just take that i completely it will make more sense.
  3. please please tell me your honest opinion about this poem. i need to know if it's bad, needs improvement or if it's okay. thanks. SHUT UP I'm losing all my control I just want to go away and hide Cause I can't stand this pain My heart is so numb My blood is so cold And I'm bleeding so much hate I want to break free Cause I'm so sick of this sh*t So sick of this life Come on Look at me straight in the face Or go behind my back I don't care Go ahead Throw it in my face Say I'm a bad one Say I'm a f**k up Say I'm pathetic It's true I know So shut up My life's so hard You think you know But you don't You have no f**king idea What the hell I go through so shut up Cause I've had it up to here I can't take it anymore I'm on my last thread Yeah, my head's f**ked up inside It's true I know So shut up Cause I've had it up to here I can't take it anymore I'm on my last thread So shut up -JB
  4. i would have to say the saddest rock song is EPIPHANY by STAIND or BLEED by COLD. those songs are incredible. -JB "Music is my therapy" -ME
  5. please tell me what you think.... I HATE YOU I hate you More than you will ever know I hate you At first I was just pi*t off But now I?m so full of hate I hate you For all the things you did I hate you Cause you?ve hurt me so much I hate you Cause you?ve made me cry I hate you Cause you?re pushing me away from you I hate you Cause you?ve turned my heart completely black and blue I hate you And all your stupid lies I hate you But most of all I hate the way I don?t hate you Cause I know deep down I care for you And I know you?ve helped me so much So when the day comes for me to see you again I will be there But right now I so [bleep] hate you I hate you -JB Rewritten: 2/21/05
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