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  1. I honestly feel that it is based on his mothers rejection due to his Homosexuality, and he plays it out like he has been sentinced to death (how ironic). What an awsome line-up on this one. After we are the champions, no other song from these guru's of pop-rock hit the mark as well. Perhaps there is no meaning other than his ability to hit the mark on the lyrics and topic of a subject of self realization and self importance on a more grandiose scale?
  2. Jippers, great reply, and how if anyone could do it? I was asking that question for that very reason. Hopefully it ain't a hack job, as that would definately pull the band down. I actually think that Alice has pulled off the greatest Coo in music history, as they have rapped up a whole new level of grunge that is beyond belief. For those in disbelief, check it! Alot of viewers/listeners will not get it, but this band is for real. Personnally in my humble oppinion; I think a band from San Diego throwing out those tunes totally blow away the Seattle bands, except an honerable mention to Soundgarden!
  3. Mike, and all of you posting: You've hit a chord here, and I think that Muzik hit it on the nailhead; (sort of speak) with the Classical Gas. Can you play it StratoCaster dude? I'll have to work on that one with my Simon & Patrick! Do you think that it could be done electrically? Fender or Gibson?
  4. This is a test> This is a test of the time frame in which you matriculated from? Do you know the following intitials: E.C. L.S. E.L.O. E.L.P. LZ ABB ABBA MOTI MTH GMAFBBYATMP A.C. D.C. ACDC D.P. C.S.N. & Y. Give your best baby, cause it do'nt cost you a dang thing, and what the hey?
  5. I've heard rumor that Alice in Chains has embarked on part two. Is this true, and what can anyone do to inform me as to their current schedule, and line-up?
  6. Definately devoted darling. The three D's will leave you out in the cold.
  7. Very good. But, what in the He..l are you doing up with your beautiful self on Saturday at 0 dark 30 in the A.M. Posting?
  8. Hey Jippers can you give a brief of the female artists you recommended; as I am not familiar with them, and would like to be on the receiving end of anything good to listen to? Not to say all of them were a myth to me in their Godess forms before you brought them, but perhaps the viewers would like to know more. I know I would!
  9. Jippers, can you really say that Britney and Christina's music sucks? There is alot of what they do that many people will associate with and like. I think they are both slutty, and I don't care to buy or listen, however, there is an aweful lot of people out there buying into there music or we would'nt be subjectected to their presence to the point of vomiting as we are. Just be fair to those who seem to love it. This thought comes to mind (Oh God they are so popular, and I need to be a fan or who am I). Hope this does not implicate anyone?
  10. Damn MuzikTyme, Don't hold back dude. I love it that you are honest enough to throw that one out. What ever happened to people just tossing it out there with there total thought, and I'll be damned if anyone is going to tell me otherwise attitude? Write me an E-mail if you've a mind, I'd like to dig inside of your head a bit! Great post, and right on target with my views friend. My precious Lord, can we skip the media and go straight to the talent here? Is it possible to skip the porn and notice the true talent?
  11. Is there anyway you could play it? I would suppose not, as that is why you've asked: You'd like to know so you can purchase or/and record it for your pleasure. I only know that it is familiar, and that I am pretty sure if I heard it I'd know from the vocals that I would say "Oh, ya that is ...?). Good luck!
  12. "Whipping Post", The Allman Brothers.
  13. Oh gee wiz your going to get a ton of responses to this one, and as numerous responses as the number of people participating. My selections will undoubtedly ring the bell equal to the balls being busted here. 1. Led Zepplin 2. Mettalica 3. Rolling Stones 4. Van Halen 5. Jimmy Hendrix and "The Experience". 6. Allman Brothers Band 7. Lynard Skynard 8. Doobie Brothers 9. CSN&Y 10. Alice in Chains Of course you've limited it to ten picks, and there are always a number of others that would be picked.
  14. Oh God! Ludwig Van Beethoven! Nothing more obvious than "Fur Elise", or "Moonlight" Sonata Op, 27/2 In C Sharp Minor. Beethoven is an obviously over done choice, but for good reason. Check it!!!
  15. I can think of many. The Divas in the T.V. specials might be included, but do they really show the public definition of what we think of as Divas? My list follows with the following definition: Women in music that really caught my immagination, and brought me to some sort of a level that left me thinking that this women is to be pampered and admired. The following is my short list: 1. Carly Simon, because her music was always good and hearfealt. 2. Janis Joplin, because she put everything into it, and she did'nt look so good but had alot of heart. 3. Ann Wilson, because she had the voice heart and bulk to overcome the critics anyways. Now she is working on thinning down, while staying true to her music. Trully wish her the best! 4. Stevie Nicks, used to be hot for her, but it is said and done. I have to admit that her unique vocals and songwriting has to be a plus no matter what you may think of her politically or socially. 5. Shania Twain, Because she is so hot and tallented and taking care of her family by showing off her tremendous booty. Just a few of my choices. Make yours known. I'd probably agree with a great number of choices here, and who cares if I do'nt? Let's hear your choices. Kind of a pole going on here!
  16. Great stuff Carl! Thanks for the Album tip Cahah. Will defininatelly have to include it in my collection! Thanks.
  17. I know the affiliations between Randy Bachman and BTO, and Burton Cummings and the ? Anyone that can lay this one out has my complete admiration as a song guru.
  18. You should host a game show Floyd. It sounds like Journey to the center of my mind, I would say circa 1972, and by the early works of the Moody Blues! IMHO?
  19. The only song that comes to mind is by Aldo Nova, and I'll be danged if I can remember the title to it. Hope it sparks more memory in your brain matter than it did mine? Hopefully this is what your looking for, and is the artist your looking for? I'll post if I can remember the song, or if someone pushes the right buttons to make me reckolect.
  20. I know that Ten Years After Created this often overlooked song, but who can tell me more about the band, the album, and anything else that comes to mind?
  21. Catherine, I personally agree. I've just seen alot of people who seem to believe there was a previous recording of "Dream On" by someone other than Aerosmith. Like I said in the original post: I've seen Led Zepplin as the No.1 choice of original performers, and rangeing to The Guess Who. I honestly believe it was Aerosmith, however, I've been thrown a curve on this one, and admit that what if it were possible? Thank you for your response.
  22. Jippers I'm with you. I've never heard Zep cover this, and I'm pretty darn sure I've heard everything in print from them. I've heard it from people that I work with, and when going on line and checking different sites; I see others answering that they are sure Zepplin recorded it before Aerosmith. Now I tried to stand on my 99.9% belief that it was Aerosmith to first put it out. It ocurred to me that perhaps in the early days Steven Tyler was trying to just get his music writing talent going, and what better way to do that at the time (other than Aerosmith)? Franctly I don't believe anyone has ever coverered it in recording, but I'm trying to support my point of view with others at work who are in doubt.
  23. I know Steven Tyler wrote the song, and thought till recently Aerosmith was the first to have the song out on an album. Recently I've heard that Led Zepplin covered the song evidently before Steven wound up with Aerosmith covering it. I've also heard speculation that The Guess Who covered it first. Can someone definitively isolate the facts here?
  24. Sounds something like Bread. Possibly Diary. But this may have been to late for what you are talking about!
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