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  1. He's not going to do a part 2, he hates this song and has been asked numerous times to do a "sequel".
  2. You don't sound vulgar saying it's about sexual assault, because I agree that sounds what the song is about, or at least partially. It could be about any women who went through such a crisis (specifically Big Kenny's sister) and feel shut out from the rest of the world. It's moving, and shows how diverse Big & Rich is, and how they're pioneering in the world of country music. I mean just compare this to "Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy", these guys can do so many things.
  3. Actually I like that version better than the original. BTW, I forgot about GNR. Most (not all) of the songs on that album are awesome.
  4. Anything from Back in Black. Master of Puppets is pretty good too.
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