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  1. got back home about an hour and half ago, book lovingly tucked under my arm! it's fabulous! had a great night at borders in birmingham, england. the staff there put on some fantastic entertainment! my feet ache, the pretty stars i had painted on my cheek are smudged, and i'm on chapter 6!
  2. the prizes arrived this morning! ohh they're so lovely! thank you so much!
  3. no way!! i won?? really? yaaaaaaaaaaaay! goodness me! yaaaaaaay! excellent quiz!!
  4. Thanks so much! The other half hasn't mentioned the song for the last few days, so I think he may have forgotten about it. Well, at least I know now that he didn't dream it. I was a bit concerned as to why he would dream about such a distasteful thing, but at least I know now that it wasn't his fault! thanks again
  5. my other half swears he saw a video on one of the music channels with someone dancing on freddie mercury's grave. the song was radio gaga, i think. i've searched and searched but can't find anything. i don't think he particularly liked the song (and the video, well....) but he really wants to prove to me that he didn't dream it! any ideas? thanks all ::
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