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  1. Oh dear. I got to work early so I could check on Elvy. No Baby? I'll bet she's sitting around disgusted, and may be on her way to being induced. She will not be happy, although she's not thrilled just waiting, I'm sure. Poor baby. Elvy I mean.
  2. What is going on??? Nothing? Crystal!!! Here I am gone for 2 whole days, and no announcement! Unless jr is right, but I thought so once before. I so wanted an announcement.
  3. Hendrix does not get nearly enough credit for his blues material. Everyone focuses on the amazing, electric licks they don't always see the other side. Red House, and Catfish Blues, are probably the best known, but there's lots more. The acoustic versions of Angel and Castles in the Sand take on a blues feel. I have a bootleg "Jimi, At Home By Himself". Great.
  4. Ok youse guys in the northeast.....1 semi-set in stone date has been set for the Stones upcoming concert. August 21st and 23rd at Fenway Park. Anyone want to put me up for the 2 days?
  5. I agree with the Scissor Sisters. Also The Black Crowes.
  6. Taj Mahal John Lee Hooker Jimmy Reed Etta James Janis Joplin KoKo Taylor
  7. Elvy, I'm with you as far as no induction. Good for you. Little guy will come when he's ready. I always loved being pregnant too. I was lucky, 4 times all with good, happy, and fairly easy(always important)results. I had 2 of my babies naturally, no drugs,blocks, or anything. As natural as possible is always best. I do wish I could up my weight in the pool though. Little guys getting fatter. Here's a tip: I've found that when they seem to be quiet, not moving around so much, the real thing is about to begin. That's my experience anyway!! :: We need an Elvish baby gremlin!
  8. John Mellankamp is currently touring. Sometime in June John Fogerty is set to join the tour. I would Love to see this. It's like 2 headliners for the price of one!!! It'll definately be a darn good show!!!
  9. Heard It In A Love Song ~ Absolutely one of my favorite songs in the world! :guitar:
  10. [/quote But to Sammy's reply, Marshall Tucker Band doesn't generally fall into the typical Country and Western song form factor. Although they do have this happen on occassion, it's not the majority of their music. In one of their songs, they actually describe their music as Country-Blues, which I think is a much better description.
  11. cool idea, but I hadn't noticed it before.
  12. No Lucy? I don't know jr, she may have had that look at me quality, but she knew when you looked it was going to be funny. I grew up with Lucy. She'll always be in my top 10.
  13. All Have to do with women who left thier men unhappy.
  14. I"ll bet Elvy's at the hospital.
  15. I reckon Sammy that would have to give you an excuse. I guess that would account for your "ego" jr let him guess again. I wonder if Elvy has realized she has the opportunity for a great April Fool's joke here?
  16. I always really loved them too. But I don't want to be disappointed. The Casino really has a pretty good concert hall, small but all the better. We get really good acts. Maybe I'll go and we can compare notes Aaron! I guess if it's bad I can always go out into the casino and lose money!!
  17. Sammy you already rang in with a me-sized baby! See what happens when you play Mr. Smart-guy? Haha!!
  18. jr that's cool. After having 4 kids I have a little edge! Hang on Elvy, You can leave for the hospital around midnight tonight! No april fool for you!
  19. Sammy at that weight, Elvy's baby could have been me!!! Elvish, you do realize, when it's time to go, before you walk out the door you have to go back to the computer and post it!!! Let hubby grab the suitcase, you have serious business to do. Keeping the songfactors in the loop!
  20. try googling "song lyrics...containing the words" whatever.
  21. oh my god, Charlie Daniels Band, 1976, St Louis, at the KSHE Kite fly at Forest Park. Also Kiss...no makeup!
  22. See, I thouhgt I knew something. Just couldn't pull it out of my mind. Cobwebs. Thanks dear, I won't waste my money.
  23. They are coming here in concert at one of the casinos. Probably seats 350 tops. That's a stretch. So it has the makings of a good concert, but are they still the original members? or is it like 1 guy and some unkwowns he picked up somewhere? It's May 15, and it will sell out fast(30 bucks), I'd like to go, but only if it's the originals. Anyone know? Aaron? Bluesboy?
  24. I always thought An April Fools Baby would be fun. But Elvy please hang on till April 2!!
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