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  1. I like P.O.D. too. Good music and the MTV exposure they have gotten is great. Did you see that Christian stores have refuse to carry their latest album? http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1480981/12082003/pod.jhtml That is so ridiculous!!! They will be touring with Linkin Park "praise the Lord" I'm just so surprised at the huge following they are getting, everyone I know wants to see them, thank God they are going so many places... Confirmed dates: 1/16 - Washington, DC 1/17 - Boston, MA 1/18 - New York, NY 1/20 - Philadelphia, PA 1/21 - Cleveland, OH 1/23 - Montreal, QC 1/24 - Toronto, ON 1/25 - Columbus, OH 1/27 - Detroit, MI 1/29 - Chicago, IL 1/30 - Madison, WI 1/31 - Minneapolis, MN also- Colorado Springs, CO Los Angeles, CA Salt Lake City, UT Vancouver, BC Portland, OR Tacoma, WA San Jose, CA San Diego, CA Sacramento, CA Las Vegas, NV Oklahoma City, OK Dallas, TX San Antonio, TX Houston, TX Little Rock, AR Greensboro, NC Atlanta, GA Jacksonville, FL Tampa/ St. Petersburg, FL Ft. Lauderdale, FL They are huge! Best music in Gods world !
  2. The top ten list is neat. I like Bob Segers - I can't believe how popular Night moves is. But's it's always number one. That's really weird. Is this feature broken? :: J
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