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  1. I like P.O.D. too. Good music and the MTV exposure they have gotten is great. Did you see that Christian stores have refuse to carry their latest album? http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1480981/12082003/pod.jhtml That is so ridiculous!!! They will be touring with Linkin Park "praise the Lord" I'm just so surprised at the huge following they are getting, everyone I know wants to see them, thank God they are going so many places... Confirmed dates: 1/16 - Washington, DC 1/17 - Boston, MA 1/18 - New York, NY 1/20 - Philadelphia, PA 1/21 - Cleveland, OH 1/23 - Montreal, QC 1/24 - T
  2. The top ten list is neat. I like Bob Segers - I can't believe how popular Night moves is. But's it's always number one. That's really weird. Is this feature broken? :: J
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