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  1. Oh shoot. Now you're gonna make me look in the basement to see if I still have any carts lying around. These things were a huge part of my life for many years. Every piece of audio was on these, so during commercial breaks, you'd have to dance around loading them up. If you got in a jam, you'd pull one out without cuing it back up, which meant that if you forgot to put it back in and recue it, the next guy would get the dreaded silence when he played it. When the machines got old or if the parts got worn, they would "eat carts," resulting in a tape spaghetti. If it ate a particular song, that tune might drop out of rotation unless it was worth finding the album (or later, CD) and transferring it to another cart. Ah, analog days.
  2. Won't go to hear them play a tango I'd rather hear some blues or funky old soul
  3. No way those things will work with modern broadcast signals. The FCC had to do a big campaign a few years ago warning that analog signals were going away. AM/FM radio still works though but I can't find a receiver
  4. "Sundown" - Gordon Lightfoot
  5. When the papa found out he began to shoutAnd he started the investigationIt's against the law
  6. Carl


    If music doesn't work out, he has a future in interior design - that place looks great.
  7. Home, is where I want to beBut I guess I'm already thereI come home, she lifted up her wingsI guess that this must be the place
  8. It's like how people from New York don't go to the Statue Of Liberty.
  9. Afterlife that includes the vagaries of processing is intriguing for some reason. Maybe because it seems familiar. A great TV show that does it is The Good Place, with Sam Malone and the Veronica Mars girl.
  10. "Sittin here with dispatch on hold." Good stuff.
  11. Gregg Allman died yesterday (May 27) at age 69. He made it 45 years longer than his older brother Duane, who was the group's leader. Gregg kept the Allman Brothers Band going until 2014, always adhering to the highest musical standards. The music was rich and spacious, often wordless (as a DJ, I fielded many calls after playing "Jessica" from listeners looking for the title). The live shows were astounding, especially if you were lucky enough to catch them in the Beacon Theater, a New York venue with acoustics that seemed custom fit for the band. Gregg's musical legacy is unparalleled, as he was the top dog in the top Southern Rock band of all time.
  12. Chris Cornell was found dead last night sometime after the Soundgarden show in Detroit. Details aren't in yet, but his management described his death as "sudden and unexpected." Darkness was a common theme in his songwriting, as heard in tracks like "Outshined," "Black Hole Sun" and "Blow Up The Outside World." Unlike the Kurt Cobain melancholy that sometimes seemed like a cry for help, Cornell always seemed to be upturning that side of his personality to help find the light. In an odd way, these songs could make you feel better. They certainly made you feel something.
  13. Tuesday Trivia today dealt with The Beach Boys: What group had a US #1 hit in the '60s, none in the '70s, then another in the '80s? They are the answer thanks to "Kokomo" in 1988, but there was another "Kokomo" long before, by The Flamingoes: And then there was a composer who called himself Kokomo, who had this hit. Both came in 1961:
  14. The lie is AC/DC. I saw Springsteen twice - once in Ireland.
  15. Fun random fact: The Dixie Chicks are named after the Little Feat song "Dixie Chicken."
  16. That's fantastic. Also love that album cover - with the sweater and corduroy pants, he his marked as a married man We've been working on trucker songs lately. Started a category for them: http://www.songfacts.com/category-trucking_songs.php
  17. If you've been on Facebook, you've seen it - list 9 concerts you've seen and one you haven't, we'll guess the lie. Here's mine: Indigo Girls AC/DC George Clinton Aimee Mann Bruce Springsteen Sleater-Kinney Eddie Money Dave Matthews Band Pearl Jam The Black Keys
  18. Can you name the game show that made this one famous?
  19. Mini disc showed some promise, but physical formats were doomed, no matter how small. I worked with DAT for a short time, which some thought was going to catch on.
  20. "Harry Styles" would be a good name for a salon.
  21. Working on an entry for this one. Fascinating song with a great story, but everything about the video is off. This is one of those where you can tell they knew something was wrong when they were making it, but it was too late to bail. Some very bad choices.
  22. Yes! This is perfect for Easter week. And I found the brilliant use of it in Freaks and Geeks:
  23. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - "Thrift Shop"
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