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  1. Greetings Carl my name is DC Glenn. I am one-half of the ‘90s hip hop group Tag Team which made the song “Whoomp!” (There It Is). Also, I’m an actor and voice artist with the People Store Agency in Atlanta.  


    Currently I am featured in the new Geico Commercial “Scoop! (There It Is).https://bit.ly/3mBtAtP 


    I write to you today about a follow up interview of your past article on Tag Team. The Tag Team Geico commercial is the #1 TV ad in the country.  The equivalent of #1 on the Hot 100. I have a lot of interesting things to say and I think an interview or podcast visit would be great. Not only am I the platinum artist who created this  iconic,classic party song, but I am an actor and voice talent who works in the film, TV, and commercial advertising world. Now both of my worlds have collided in spectacular fashion and I would love to talk to the industry about it. 


    I am also seeking a path to correct certain information about Tag Team. It is very important to me to update every aspect of our information. We are front and center to the world and people are aggregating information all over the Internet and I am on a quest to make sure Tag Team is represented in the best light factually. Please contact me as soon as possible.

    If it's not too much to ask.

    Please accept my humble request for a do-follow branded link from your article to the Tag Team Site.


    Please only use the branded URL or anchor text - Tag Team

    Please link it to  https://www.tagteambackagain.com/ or just use the naked URL.


    If this request is too technical, please forward this request to your website people.


    If your policy is to not provide anchor text to articles, Is it possible to add it in the description or comment section somewhere near the article.  It not I understand and Thank you.


    DC Glenn


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