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  1. I couldn't find anything either which confirms what the lyrics actually mean, so I'm left with my own interpretation for now... IMO it appears to be about a woman for whom he has feelings who is not with him anymore, who was perhaps killed or injured in a car crash involving her latest lover... "A man in my shoes runs a light". He appears to remark about his own feelings, that despite the passage of time his feelings and memories of her do not fade, remaining like a ghost of her within his own mind... "Inside you the time moves and she don't fade. The ghost in you, she don't fade" But the above could be way off the mark and I too would like to know precisely what the writer had in mind when he wrote these lyrics. [To be honest, the obscurity of the lyrics and the ability to relate to them with one's own interpretation is part of what intrigues me with this song.]
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