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    Music of your Life

    1. Favorite Song: Changes daily. Today is "The Dynamo of Volition" by Jason Mraz 2. Last song I listened to: Hot Blooded by Foreigner 3. Song you hate to admit you like: "Thrift Shop" 4. Song I listen to when sad: Spider by Weezer 5. Song I listen to when happy: Don't Wake Me Up by Chris Brown. That'll get the party going! 6. Song I hate: I love all songs. 7. Song you love to dance to: Michael Buble "Feeling Good" 8. Favorite song from the past: Secret Agent Man 9. Ideal wedding song: Kid Rock "Half Your Age & Twice as Hot" 10. Song you don't know the lyrics to, but sing anyway? Animals by Nickleback. Don't judge me!
  2. BigRedDomino

    Before and After Lyrics

    Sounds like Jesus, somebody's calling my name- I know I'm high but baby, Sounds like Jesus, somebody's calling my Name. ~Afroman "Hush"
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    Play SongPop with me...if you dare!

    If you have a smartphone and haven't downloaded the SongPop app, you should do it. It is the #1 Music Quiz game and more fun than I can handle. :partytime2: CHALLENGE ME! I'm in the top 5% of the world. Think you can beat me? Test your song recognition in a broad genre/playlist selection and prepare to have a new Guilty Pleasure. HOW TO DO IT: 1.) download SongPop on your phone 2.) play it! You'll love it. 3.) find "create game" then "search by username" and type in: dominoj35 Then we can play together and be new SongPop buddies for life! Hope to see a challenge from you soon! Email me at BigRedDomino@gmail.com if you have any questions and can't contact me on here for some reason...(I'm new to this website.)