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  1. 1. Favorite Song: Changes daily. Today is "The Dynamo of Volition" by Jason Mraz 2. Last song I listened to: Hot Blooded by Foreigner 3. Song you hate to admit you like: "Thrift Shop" 4. Song I listen to when sad: Spider by Weezer 5. Song I listen to when happy: Don't Wake Me Up by Chris Brown. That'll get the party going! 6. Song I hate: I love all songs. 7. Song you love to dance to: Michael Buble "Feeling Good" 8. Favorite song from the past: Secret Agent Man 9. Ideal wedding song: Kid Rock "Half Your Age & Twice as Hot" 10. Song you don't know the lyrics to
  2. Sounds like Jesus, somebody's calling my name- I know I'm high but baby, Sounds like Jesus, somebody's calling my Name. ~Afroman "Hush"
  3. If you have a smartphone and haven't downloaded the SongPop app, you should do it. It is the #1 Music Quiz game and more fun than I can handle. :partytime2: CHALLENGE ME! I'm in the top 5% of the world. Think you can beat me? Test your song recognition in a broad genre/playlist selection and prepare to have a new Guilty Pleasure. HOW TO DO IT: 1.) download SongPop on your phone 2.) play it! You'll love it. 3.) find "create game" then "search by username" and type in: dominoj35 Then we can play together and be new SongPop buddies for life! Hope to see a challenge from
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