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  1. The dog, the dog, he's done it again!
  2. Indeed, it's obviously Declan McManus! Well done Edna.
  3. Keith? Wow. He's a big hero of mine and I've never seen that picture before. Anyhoo... Who doth be thith?
  4. Eddie Munster heh heh. I was thinking of a child star too - Frankie Muniz though. So either Ringo, Charlie Watts, Phil C or: Is it Keith Moon The Loon?
  5. Loving the high waistband! No idea who it is though. A young Simon Cowell?
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrvBVEuyqPE
  7. He looks like an elder Taylor Hawkins, dontchathink? But yes, 'tis Frank Beard.
  8. Is that Reg Dwight???
  9. Cheese and onion flavour by the looks of it.
  10. Don't think that's real leather tee hee. He usually drives about Belsize on a bike.
  11. Who's this swarthy fellow?
  12. Ah Edna, that's just girls talk, :cuttie:
  13. I thought it was Ike and Tina Turner! :sing1:
  14. Edna is da bomb! That was me getting street and down with the kids.
  15. This song was inspired by words on the songwriter's father's tombstone.
  16. It's Ric Ocaseck's missus then? So I'll try another Cars tune as soon as I can remember one from about 1985 ha hah.
  17. I'm torn between Black Hole Sun and Drive. On the other hand, I'm also torn right now between red or white. May compromise and have rose.
  18. Arr, that be Colin Hay.
  19. It is Johnny Thunders? Well, who be this?
  20. What is Edna's job? :frenchie:
  21. Paul Jones is in the Blues Band too, heh heh. Sounds like a good night Zaba. Was it a package gig or just the Manfreds? I always liked the Mike D'Abo line up. Much rather hear Ragamuffin Man and Ha ha Said The Clown than that rubbish about Flamingos! Crikey.
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