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  1. amen to that track. first solo record,and what a belter! the smiths? the smiths?
  2. shine on you crazy diamond - Pink Floyd to syd barrett cardiff afterlife - Manic St Preachers for richey edwards here today - Paul McCartney for john lennon Something (live) - Paul McCartney on ukelele for George Harrison Corpses (bit nasty but...) to John Squire from Ian Brown Lost For Words (again a bit nasty) i reckon thats to Roger Waters - (track 10 on the division bell) - do floyd fans agree? Mother - John Lennon - to his mother believe it or not.
  3. lennon hated mccartney? - couldnt be further from the truth, he envied him, he was jealous of him.
  4. 'Hurricane' by Bob Dylan springs to mind.....most bob dylan stuff has a harmonica somewhere.....'Cardiff Afterlife' by the manic street preachers, 'a new career in a new town' by David Bowie - there's loads!
  5. the manic street preachers anyone? fascinating lyrics....every time you get a new album its like a dictionary, im 23 so im not at my intellectual peak - but they sure help!great lyrics, great sound - past or present......go buy 'lifeblood' now....... although 'the holy bible' represents the bands best work.
  6. im gonna play animals tonight when i get in, nasty little album, "you [bleep] up old hag! ha, ha charade you are....." i work in an office and ive got a little sticker on my screen saying 'your trying to keep pur feelings off the street' in a little sort of 'f*ck you' to the government.....! god bless roger waters.....unsung hero if ever i saw one. he's never been championed or hero worshipped as most rock stars often are.....he just said/wrote what he wrote, and we all nodded our heads in 100 per cent agreement...... did anyone rog fans not like radio kaos? i mean its alright, its just not a patch on pro's and cons or amused to death......(played pro;s and cons yesterday - marvellous record.) ok rant over!
  7. i like all of them you listed, i am a huge beatles fan, i love the stones, brian wilson is brilliant (did you buy smile?) i always think pete townshend writes crap middle eight's! like ' its only teenage wasteland' and that bit in 'bargain' 'one and dont make two - whatever drivvle he comes out with!?!?' but yeah he's great bar that....his solo stuff is good too 'empty glass' - 'all good cowboys have chinese eyes' and 'pyschoderelict'
  8. one of my turns? - by pink floyd? "i feel cold as a razorblade, tight as a torniquet dry as a funeral drum.... run to the bedroom in the suitcase on the left you'll find my favourite ace! don't look so frightened this is just a passing phase one of my bad days" yeah its a belter....gets me every time!
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