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  1. Shawna that is indicating that your Javascript is not working in Firefox. In fact all your issues including the deletions is indicating that.. are you on a Mac? What type of system are you running on? I am using FireFox 3.6 as well and have no issues..
  2. thats a permission based thing.. so if Carl turns it off...
  3. Database error is gone.. sorry I had to sleep sometime
  4. which browser? and do you have javascript disabled?
  5. Use Markup means use bbcode markup when showing the post ie [ b][ /b] Use Html means to use html when showing the post ie And the smiles should now appear correctly.. it was a setting that had to be adjusted..
  6. can you screen shot what exactly your looking at?
  7. can you screen shot what exactly your looking at Edna?
  8. yeah they are individualy permissioned now so Carl will need to go in and edit them.. The Admin group can see them though...
  9. yeah he will need to setup permissions to show those.. admins can see them atm..
  10. Should be able to use either now..
  11. Carl will have to go in and setup what permissions he wants to give whom.
  12. fixed the regex for youtube.. issue is youtube does not stick with one url scheme..
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch#v=g69labQKuuU
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=g69labQKuuU
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